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BikeBase Wisper 905Torque Crossbar Please ring for details and trial

Wisper 905Torque Crossbar
>>>From Only:   £1649.00
Please ring for details and trial

Prices from £1499 depending on the voltage.

This bike is designed the 905 Torque Crossbar with greater rigidity for a slightly stiffer and more responsive ride. Its sleek and stylish looks combined with sturdy tyres and lock out forks ensure that the 905 Torque is the perfect hybrid option to provide riders with hours of enjoyment on the road and trails.

The Wisper 905 Torque should be carefully considered before you buy anything else. Our superb Torque range of electric bikes has been developed by the team at Amps in Sevenoaks Kent to out-perform nearly all other ebikes on the market. Wisper Torque bikes are solidly built, nimble, almost silent, discrete, powerful, and very responsive. Astonishing value for money for the high specifications. In our opinion, a better, classier ride than any mid motor bike in its class. We would be delighted to arrange a test ride for you.

High efficiency, 250W ultra hi torque 50Nm brushless rear wheel drive. Hybrid Torque drive system designed to deliver maximum power to the rear wheel smoothly, quietly and efficiently.

Lithium with advanced battery management system (BMS).
Standard Long Range 375Wh 3kg.
Samsung Mega Range 575Wh 4kg with Remote Control Service System (RCSS). Deep sleep mode. Helps protect battery during times of non-use.
Both batteries use identical battery cases so are interchangeable between the 7 8 and 9 series Wisper se and Torque bikes.

Lithium 42V output intelligent charger communicates with battery. Management system (BMS), auto stop when fully charged. Standard battery 1.5A. Charge time 2.5 to 5hours Long range battery 4A, Charge time 2 to 4hours.
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