Repairs & Servicing

Repairs & Servicing

Basic Service £35.00*
Recommended at least once per year, depending on use

Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
Tyres and sidewalls checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure
Bolts checked and tightened to correct torque
Brakes checked for effective operation and adjusted
Gears checked and adjusted.

If you don't use your bike a great deal this BASIC SERVICE is all you might require. You can gain peace of mind knowing that your brakes work fine and that your gear changes smoothly. Our mechanic will not undertake any investigative work during this Basic Service, but he will highlight any obvious problem. We will also advise you of any parts that need attention or replacing.

Deluxe Service £45.00*
All the above plus:
Bearings checked for free movement and adjusted (if applicable)
Headset checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
Bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted as necessary
Truing of both wheels
Carry out a full road test.

The DELUXE service is recommended for the average user. We will check over the whole bicycle.
Any new parts required will be highlighted by our mechanic.

Super Deluxe Service £85.00*
In addition to the Deluxe checks, the following will also be carried out:
Stripping and regreasing all serviceable bearings.
Truing both wheels.

If you ride everyday we will recommend that you treat your bicycle to an annual SUPER DELUXE SERVICE.
This service will make your bicycle ride like new again.
There is a 6-month guarantee on the work done.
Again the cost of new parts required (including your choice of cables and bearings) will be highlighted by the mechanic when the bicycle is received, but these are not included in the price.

* Please note: our prices include VAT. Excludes cost of parts